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On 18 and 19 October and 21 November, 85 Star Ambassadors participated in the Star Ambassadors Training Workshop organised by the school. The objective of the workshop serves to provide our student representatives with effective communication and facilitation skills in preparation for the upcoming Open House to be held on Saturday, 24th November.

The Star Ambassadors picked up invaluable pointers on exhibiting confidence both in speech and body language, speaking powerfully and rapport building skills. Additionally, our students were coached on the finer points of conducting a successful school tour for parents and Primary 6 students during the Open House. All in all, our young and spunky Star Ambassadors displayed great enthusiasm and diligence throughout the workshop. The school is confident that our student representatives will apply the various skills and attitudes gleaned from the workshop and maximise their potential to the fullest during the Open House and beyond.

Catch our Star Ambassadors at the Open House.