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Mission Statement
To partner the school in providing opportunities for the parents to Co-ordinate, Support and Network for the benefit of every child in the school.


The Role of the PSG

  1. To participate in various school events and activities
  2. To provide their services in areas of enrichment for the pupils.
  3. To communicate with the general parent population about new initiatives and programmes in the school.
  4. To provide feedback to the school by pointing out areas for improvement as well as good practices.
  5. To provide greater opportunities for the pupils by extending the network of the school.


Recruitment :
Recruitment takes place during Sec 1 orientation


Chairperson: Mrs.Helen Teo
Vice-Chairperson: Zarena Sani
Secretary: Ja’izah
Asst Secretary: Janet Hew
Asst Secretary: Juiyah
Treasurer: Mr. Leslie Lim
Treasurer: Pauline
Asst Treasurer: Christina


2010 Activities

  1. School Events : Total Defence Day, National Day, Sports Day, Racial Harmony Day
  2. Home courses for pupils : Gift wrapping, Cooking
  3. Providing manpower : Night study, go with teachers on excursions with pupils, helping to distribute texbooks to needy pupils, helping out in the library
  4. Giving Motivational Talks to pupils of graduating classes
  5. Organising excursions with the school: Fort factory museum, The Marina Barrage, NeWater plant at Bedok
  6. Organising competitions: Recycling project
  7. Providing breakfast to the pupils sitting for ‘O’ level examinations
  8. Sharing websites where good parenting tips are discussed


Recognition of PSG services to the school
The “Friends of SGS” Award is given during the Award Presentation Day.