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At SGSS, we value our staff and support their well-being. The Staff Well-being Committee adopts the PIES framework in building a caring and engaging culture for our staff.


SGSS SWB Committee

The Committee seeks to meet the physical (P), intellectual (I), emotional (E) and social (S) needs of our staff. Some examples of our activities include the Lunar New Year celebrations, bonding activities and annual health checks. We also prepare personalised gifts and cards for the staff on their birthday and provide breakfast during the exam period. In recognition of the staff’s talents and contributions, the Committee gives out the STAR Awards to deserving teachers each semester. To better support the staff’s mental well-being, the Committee organises dialogue sessions with the school leaders on career matters. Committee members from different departments serve as representatives to provide feedback so that the school can better motivate and engage all staff. These efforts help build a supportive and caring work culture at SGSS.


SWB Activities