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Arts Education Programme
…Engaging Creative and Curious Learners…


Serangoon Garden Secondary School’s Arts Education Programme aims to instil in our students a passion for the arts and to deepen their school experience through an integrated arts programme. The school recognizes the importance of the arts and arts education in bolstering a sense of connectedness and belonging to the school through engaging the students in interesting and fun arts programmes. Through the arts, the school aims to enhance students’ motivation and zest for life and learning. Our Arts Education policy is also firmly entrenched in the CCE framework as we believe that nurturing students in the arts allows them to acquire life-skills and 21st century competencies such as confidence, team-bonding, organizational skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

The arts is essential to the holistic development of our students. It builds character and confidence, develops life-skills, team work and important values of empathy and respect. It also helps to sharpen the mind. The arts should be for everyone, and thus, SGS creates opportunities for all students, regardless of level and stream, to engage in the arts on different platforms. Throughout their years in the School, all students must be exposed to 4 different art forms, namely Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art.

Our arts-based student outcomes are as shown: