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Academic and Character Excellence (ACE) Scholarship

Academic and Character Excellence (ACE) Scholarship

Academic and Character Excellence (ACE) Scholarship
… Achieving Excellence in Life and Learning …


SGS offers the Academic and Character Excellence (ACE) Scholarship, sponsored by our alumni. Express students with at least 225 points, NA Students with at least 185 points and N(T) Students with at least 150 points from the PSLE, who apply for our school as their first choice, will be considered. These students must have at least a “Good” Conduct Grade. Successful applicants will receive $300 every year (for 4 – 5 years) when they join SGS. They will be involved in our signature programmes to stretch them and prepare them to be future ready:

  1. Sec 1 Science Research Programme (SRP) to open the minds of our young students to the world of Science and discovery through Inquiry and Research.
  2. Sec 2 Bicultural Learning Programme (BLP) to encourage talented students to participate in a 3-week immersion programme with our twinning school in Xi’an, China. This programme is also opened to non-Chinese students.
  3. Sec 3 Media Research and Communications Advocacy Programme (MRCAP) to provide a platform for student leaders to plan and organise heritage trails by leveraging on technology.
  4. Sec 4/5 Internship / Job Attachment Programme (IJAP) to prepare our students for the world of work.

DSA applicants can opt for our distinctive Learning for Life programme (LLP), which focuses on Nurturing Confident and Compassionate Leaders through Uniformed Groups. The School Advisory Committee (SAC) Scholarship is given to all successful applicants.

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