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SGS’ inaugural online parents’ seminar – ‘Managing Anxiety in the New Normal with our Children’ was organized on 19 September 2020, Saturday.


We invited Dr Geraldine Tan, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Mdm Lilian Kwan, educator and parent to speak on ‘Managing Anxiety in the New Normal with Our Children’ and ‘Skills Necessary to Navigate IT as a Tool for Learning’ respectively.


Often referred to as the ‘people’s psychologist’, Dr Tan is sought after by the media.  She is featured widely in magazines, television and the internet to educate the public about the different disorders. Dr Tan currently co-hosts Therapy Tuesday on OneFM91.3, together with The Flying Dutchman and Glenn Tan. 


Mdm Lilian Kuan has extensive experience mentoring teenagers and young adults in the school and workplace. She is also a strong advocate of inclusive education and supports parents with special needs children through various community projects.


In light of the current COVID-19 situation, Dr Tan spoke on the causes and management of anxiety in teens.  Mdm Kwan, on the other hand spoke on the importance of using technology effectively and responsibly.  The topic was close to the heart of parents, especially with the introduction of the Personal Learning Devices and Home-Based Learning as key features towards self-directed learning and will be implemented in 2021.


Positive feedback was received from the participants. Many look forward to the next online parents’ seminar.