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Serangoon Garden Secondary School is 60 years old! To celebrate this great milestone, there were many activities and programmes that involved the students, staff and alumni. Firstly, the ‘600 Good Deeds’ Board was put up where students shared a good deed they had done or something that their friends had done for them. This stressed the caring environment that is part of SGS. The students and teachers also wrote several songs to capture what SGS meant to them, and the songs were performed at the 60th Anniversary Dinner held on 26 July 2019. Many ex-school leaders and staff joined the alumni and current students and staff for the dinner. A time capsule was set up outside the school hall as well and it contained important memorabilia like the school uniform and other school souvenirs collected over the years. Finally, the ‘Eternal Flame’ book showcased our students’ essays and art pieces that highlights their hopes for SGS