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Dear parents,

The social and emotional support we provide our children will help them learn to persevere and adapt positively to challenges. Assuring our children of our support is especially valuable and crucial during milestones such as results release, and when decisions about the next step need to be made.

Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to convey your love and support to your child:

  1. Celebrate your child’s efforts, no matter how big or small. Please refer to the web link below for a link to tips on praising our children effectively.
  2. Look out for out-of-character behaviours in your child. Please refer to the attachment below for more details.
  3. Continue to have open conversations with your child to discuss his/her interests and choices.
  4. Go through the Education and Career Guidance resources which your child will receive through his/her school and the MySkillsFuture student portal for more information on schools, courses and career options.

For more resources on providing social and emotional support, affirming our children, and supporting your child through transitions, please refer to attached pdf document and the web links here:

Web link:


PDF document: Click here to download

Thank you.