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Things to take Note:

  1. Students who are offering SBB subjects should check that they are ordering the correct textbooks/workbooks for their subjects.
  2. Please visit to order your books online. Last day for online order is 15 Dec 2022.
  3. On-site purchase is by appointment basis. Please book your appointment slot at
Instructions for Purchase of Textbooks and Stationery


Please click on the link to view or download the booklist.

Secondary 2 Book list
Secondary 2 Normal Technical Secondary 2 Normal Academic Secondary 2 Express


Secondary 3 Book list
Secondary 3 Normal Technical Secondary 3 Normal Academic Secondary 3 Express


Secondary 4 Book list
Secondary 4 Normal Technical Secondary 4 Normal Academic Secondary 4 Express


Secondary 5 Book list
Secondary 5 Normal Academic


School Uniform
Order online by 30 Nov 2022

Info on sale of uniform in school and Jeep Sing outlet

Instructions for purchasing uniform and PE attire


FAS Application
MOE FAS Hardcopy Application Form (Nov 2022)

FAS Online Application Form

  1. Parents will be informed of the application outcome and to collect the FAS approval letter in school.
  2. Collection of books and uniform will be on-site in school bookshop and uniform shop.