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Dear Parent(s)/Guardian,

1. Please refer to the attached consolidated schedule of Weighted Assessments (WA) for your child/ ward for Term 2 (Annex 1). The same information will also be published through Parent Gateway*

2. It is important that your child/ ward is punctual for the WAs which will commence immediately after morning assembly. No extra time will be given for latecomers.

3. Students who are absent must submit a medical certificate to their Form Teacher once they return to school. MCs issued by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and letters from parents/ guardian will not be accepted. Students who do not submit a medical certificate will not be awarded any marks.

4. If you require any further clarifications regarding the Weighted Assessments, please feel free to contact me at 62889227 or

5. Thank you for your strong partnership with the school on your child/ward’s learning programmes.

Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Secondary 3
1A1 2A1 3A1
1A2 2A2 3A2
1A3 2A3 3E1
1E1 2E1 3E2
1E2 2E2 3E3
1E3 2E3 3E4
1E4 2E4 3T1
1E5 2T1 3T2
1NT 2T2



*Parents Gateway is a new digital platform developed by Ministry of Education (MOE) and GovTech to bring greater convenience to parents to perform simple administrative transactions and to stay updated on schools’ programmes and activities. The Parents Gateway mobile app is downloadable free from Apple App store or Google Play store.