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  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019

    Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019

    01 May 2019

    Congratulations to all our Performing Arts CCAs for their success at the recent Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. They are the pride of the school. A big ‘Thank You’ to the teachers for their support in guiding the students.  

  • Parent Support Group Meeting

    Parent Support Group Meeting 2019-1

    06 Apr 2019

    The PSG had its first meeting for 2019. During the meeting they learnt about the main school events for Term 1 (2019). In particular, they gained more insights about the objectives and various activities under the Level Signature Programme (LSP) 1 that the school organized for the different levels. A special balloon sculpturing session led […]

  • NCC Cluster Training Session

    NCC Cluster Training Session

    05 Apr 2019

    SGS NCC held a cluster training on Friday, 5 April, with Bowen Sec, Xinmin Sec and Hougang Sec School. The cadets competed in a game of Nerf War, where five cadets from each side competed against each other. The activity, led by NCC teacher, Mr Osman, helped the cadets forge friendships and develop camaraderie as […]

  • 001 Ee Leng Elaine Seah

    MindFest 2019

    03 Apr 2019

    A total of 324 Secondary 1 students participated in MindFest 2019, an annual event organized by the Science Centre Singapore on 27 March and 2-3 April Led by teachers from the Science Department, the students learnt about the fundamentals of energy and took part in activities that encouraged teamwork and strategic problem solving. This year’s […]

  • B Div Floorball 1 Ee Leng Elaine Seah

    Floorball ‘B’ Girls National Floorball Competition

    01 Apr 2019

    Our B division girls have done the school proud in the recent National School Games Floorball Competition. Through their hard work and persistent effort, they have emerged 6th position out of a total of 29 schools. This is a historical achievement in SGS floorball history! The current school team is made up of mostly Sec […]

  • Keith and Jia Yu! The Singapore Police Force-NPCC Badge

    Well done Keith and Jia Yu! The Singapore Police Force-NPCC Badge

    01 Apr 2019

    Congratulations and well done Keith and Jia Yu! The Singapore Police Force – National Police Cadet Corps Badge (SPF – NPCC Badge) seeks to recognize cadets with good leadership qualities, great consistency and outstanding achievements. It is the pinnacle NPCC badge that cadets all over Singapore vie for. Nominated cadets have to go through two […]

  • World Water Day 2019

    World Water Day 2019

    31 Mar 2019

    Four Sec 1 CCE Ambassadors shared about World Water Day 2019, which was officially held on 22 March, to stress the importance of freshwater and to ensure Singapore’s freshwater resources remains sustainable. These Ambassadors also designed posters which gave tips on how to save water and encouraged their classmates to make a pledge to save […]

  • National University of Singapore Geography Challenge

    National University of Singapore Geography Challenge (NUS GC) 2019

    27 Mar 2019

    A group of four Secondary 4 SGSians participated in the annual NUS Geography Challenge. This competition aims to ignite our students’ passion and interest for the dynamic discipline of Geography. Through intellectually stimulating as well as creative and fun ways, this competition provided an excellent platform for them to apply the geographical knowledge that they […]

  • SGS Netball

    Netball CCA Programme for Term 1

    25 Mar 2019

    Anyone can steer a ship in calm waters, but not every student is able to weather through difficulties with resilience and fortitude. SGS Netball offers an enriching and fruitful journey of self-discovery, where the students learn the importance of passion, appreciate the value of teamwork and embrace the magic of persistence. In Term 1, the […]

  • Sec 4 Final Year Project & Presentation

    Robotics Club Activities for Term 1

    25 Mar 2019

    About 40 students from the Robotics Club participated in the Roboticist Junior (Beginner) and Roboticist Junior (Advance) workshops. Through this workshop, the Club hoped to develop the students’ foundation to prepare them for the national competition in 2020. The Secondary 4 members also carried their Final Year Project. Using the skills and knowledge they have […]