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Safety in the Health and Fitness Room

  1. The Health and Fitness Room is strictly for students, staff and authorised users of Serangoon Garden Secondary School (SGS). Students are allowed to use the Health and Fitness Room only with appropriate adult supervision.
  2. Users are advised to seek medical consultation and clearance before embarking on any exercise programme.
  3. Users must wear proper sports attire and covered footwear into the Weights Room. Users are to bring along their own towels while using the equipment and are expected to wipe off the perspiration from the equipment after use.
  4. Users should respect the common space and keep the room clean and neat at all times.
  5. Drinks in cups and food are not allowed in the room. For hydration, only bottled plain water or isotonic drinks are allowed. The bottles must be capped when not in use.
  6. Users should warm up with proper stretches before using the equipment.
  7. Users should care for the equipment and return all equipment to its original place after use. Users should use the equipment for its intended purpose and be minded not to drop any free weights for safety reasons.
  8. Users must follow other instructions on the proper usage and types of exercises displayed in the room. If in doubt, users are required to consult the PE teachers.