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Financial Assistance Schemes

Type of Scheme Amount Remarks
MOE Financial Assistance Scheme Full waiver of $5.00 school fees per month Singapore Citizen
Full waiver of $10.00 standard miscellaneous fees per month

Family gross monthly income :

  • not exceeding $2,750 per  month


  • per capita income (PCI) does not exceed $690
Free textbook, workbooks, writing materials, art and craft materials (as reflected in the School Approved Textbook list), 1 calculator for Sec 1 level students only
Transport subsidy ($120 transport credit per annum for students taking public transport)
2 sets of school uniforms
2 sets of PE attire
2 pairs of socks
1 pair of shoes


NEU PC Programme Choice of one desktop PC model or 3 laptops model Singapore Citizen / SPR
PC package comes with free software and 3 years of free broadband subscription. Gross monthly household income does not exceed $3400 per month or per capita income not more than $900 ($1125 if there is a permanently disabled family member)
Household must have school going children in MOE registered schools
Each eligible household can only apply for on (1) PC-Bundle regardless of the total number of school-going children and/or household members who have permanent disability
Past recipient of a PC-Bundle under the NEU PC Plus Programme may reapply only after a lapse of three (3) years from the last deployment to the household.