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Things to take Note:

  1. Students who are offering SBB subjects should check that they are ordering the correct textbooks/workbooks for their subjects.
  2. Please visit to order your books online. Last day for online order is 15 Dec 2020.
  3. Online purchase is strongly encouraged. On-site purchase is strictly by appointment basis. Students should be accompanied by at most one parent/guardian
  4. For more information, please refer to the above instruction sheet for books and PE attire order.


Instructions For Purchase of Textbooks, Stationery & Uniforms


Please click on the link to view or download the booklist.

Secondary 2 Book list
Secondary 2 Normal Technical Secondary 2 Normal Academic Secondary 2 Express


Secondary 3 Book list
Secondary 3 Normal Technical Secondary 3 Normal Academic Secondary 3 Express


Secondary 4 Book list
Secondary 4 Normal Technical Secondary 4 Normal Academic Secondary 4 Express


Secondary 5 Book list
Secondary 5 Normal Academic


School Uniform
School Uniform Size Guide Order from


PE Attire
PE Attire Size Guide Order together with books at


FAS Application
MOE FAS Application Form (30 Sep 2020)

(Please submit FAS applications to with the relevant scanned documents)


Briefing on End of Year Book and Uniform Sales
End of Year Book and Uniform Sales (updated 17 Oct)