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SGS Earth Club is at the heart of our school’s sustainability movement. In alignment with SG Green Plan and MOE’s Eco Stewardship Programme, our CCA aims to groom students to champion green sustainable initiatives in SGS.

Following our guiding principle of “I Know – I Do – I Advocate”, our CCA aims to:

  • Fuel lifelong learning and passion in environmental sustainability
  • Provide opportunities and empower students to initiate meaningful environmental activities
  • Provide a platform through which students can advocate for sound environmental behaviour

Earth Club members will acquire knowledge on environmental sustainability, horticultural skills, and gain a better understanding of green industries and applications through our partnership with external organisations such as NParks and PUB. They will be given the platform to initiate eco-projects around the school, plan Values-in-Action (VIA) projects to contribute back to the community, as well as participate in external competitions and conferences.

Through these various learning opportunities, our CCA aims to develop in them leadership, social and cooperative skills, as well as inculcate values of teamwork, responsibility and commitment.

Earth Club

Earth Club will be a new CCA in SGS, starting in 2022!
CCA days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-5pm.