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Safety in Design & Technology Studios

  1. Do not enter the studio unless a teacher or instructor is present.
  2. The Wood Machine shop in the Design & Technology studio is out-of-bounds to all students.
  3. Students should not operate machines unless they have been instructed upon the correct use and are under close supervision of teacher or instructor.
  4. Always use the right tool for the right job and return it to its proper place after use.
  5. Exercise extreme care when handling sharp-pointed or sharp-edged tools.
  6. Do not use tools that are blunt, badly worn, mushroomed or in poor condition.
  7. Any equipment/tools that are not in good condition or missing must be reported to the teacher/instructor immediately.
  8. Do not handle electrical points when the hands are wet.
  9. Wear aprons during practical sessions.
  10. Put on safety goggles, face masks, or protective gloves in situations which require these respective protections.
  11. Do not wear long-sleeved shirts, school-ties, watches, rings, bracelets and bangles during practical sessions.
  12. For girls, long hair should be tied up neatly during practical sessions.
  13. Do not rush. Watch your step while in the studio.
  14. Be attentive at all times and always do your work according to instructions.
  15. Do not talk or walk unnecessarily in the studio.
  16. Clean up the work area after each practical session.
  17. All injuries, whether minor or major, must be reported to the teacher/instructor immediately.
  18. When in doubt, always ask.