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Safety in the Computer Laboratories 

  1. You may use the computers in the lab only when a teacher is present.
  2. Please place your bags at the front of the lab.
  3. Do not eat or drink in the lab.
  4. Keep the lab clean and neat at all times.
  5. Use only the computer you are assigned to.
  6. Report any hardware fault immediately to your teacher. Never attempt to dismantle the different parts of the computer.
  7. Each student must log in to his/her account. No sharing of accounts is permitted.
  8. The computers are for your academic use. Playing computer games for entertainment is strictly not allowed.
  9. Shut down the computer properly after use.
  10. Do not charge your personal mobile devices in the lab.

Being a Responsible User of Technology

You are responsible for your own behaviour. The above rules are not exhaustive and you should exercise discretion and behave appropriately in your offline and online interactions.

Anyone who flouts these rules will be subjected to disciplinary measures, which may include the replacement costs for any damaged hardware.