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In Red Cross Youth, we nurture our cadets to be people of character who embrace the value and sanctity of humanity. One of our main goals is to ensure that every cadet who graduates from Red Cross Youth is a certified first aider.

Red Cross Youth cadets learn key life skills and serve the community through the six core modules, Red Cross Knowledge, First Aid, Disaster Management, Service Learning, Youth Ambassador Blood Programme and Youth Leadership Programme.

As a CCA, we pride ourselves on providing first-aid support and expertise to staff and students at every school event, so that the school can thrive with the knowledge that their well-being is taken care of. We are proud of our alumna, Amallina Zahrah from 4E3 (2017), who was the recipient of the Director’s Award for the year 2017 for being an exemplary cadet who led the unit with commitment and conviction. In our quest for excellence, our unit is also thrilled to have attained the Gold in the Excellent Unit Award competition in 2017.


 Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

In our usual physical training sessions, the senior cadets of the unit would plan and teach their juniors, with guidance provided by the teachers-in-charge.

With the COVID-19 situation, we were unable to meet and instead, all cadets had to meet one another online. Initially, the teachers-in-charge were apprehensive if this could still happen without the Secondary 3s meeting one other in person and how efficient this process could be. The Secondary 3 leaders proved us wrong. We initiated a zoom meeting with the Secondary 3s on 12 June 2020, and to our surprise, the seniors collaborated with their peers via Google Docs to plan for the session on 14 June 2020, Friday with the junior cadets. Below was a snapshot of our ongoing conversations and how the senior cadets collaborated via Google Docs.

Subsequently, the programme was well executed and it received positive feedback from the junior cadets.

Red Cross Youth