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The mission of the National Police Cadet Corps is to develop our cadets to be active citizens and community leaders who are morally upright and law-abiding, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force. Values such as integrity, resilience and selflessness are inculcated in our cadets through various programmes that teach them to contribute to the safety and security of our community.

Through challenging situations, cadets hone their leadership qualities, develop respect for their seniors and strengthen camaraderie with their peers. While the SGS NPCC unit has achieved many prestigious awards over the years including the Gold Award in the Best Unit Competition, Officer Commanding (OC) Mr Peh Chin Keong shared that it is seeing the cadets grow into confident young men and women which is most rewarding.

“NPCC offers opportunities for cadets to head projects and work together with teachers and volunteers to plan and implement initiatives,” which are increasingly important in a digital world where students can easily lose the interpersonal touch and the ability to communicate effectively. It is hence important for NPCC cadets to learn through collaboration, to strive for excellence and develop a winning mindset, so as to uphold its proud tradition of producing fine young leaders for school and community.


 Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

The NPCC’s usual ‘Leadership and Mentorship Skills’ course, involving the teachers-in-charge, Mr Peh Chin Keong and Mrs Joanne Lee, and Secondary 3 cadets went virtual on 25 June 2020, Friday.  The senior cadets learnt the different types of leadership styles and how they can be effective situational leaders.

The teachers-in-charge also worked with the senior cadets in preparing a lesson plan on teaching drills to our Secondary 1 cadets.  The session was engaging and it received compliments from the cadets, especially when it could be conducted in the comfort of their homes.

On the other hand, the teachers-in-charge, Mr Joseph Chua and Mr Joel Yow conducted the first e-CCA session with the Secondary 1 cadets.  The teachers-in-charge gave an overview on the expectations as a NPCC cadet.  The unit is thankful to NPCC HQ, which provided a wide array of online resources to support the online initiative.