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Ncc Flag Vision

To have Extraordinary Youth Leaders


To Nurture Inspiring Leaders and Committed Citizens through Fun, Adventurous and Military-Related Activities


To Serve with Pride and Dedication


Nurturing. Committed. Cool



‘Cadet Strong’, comprising of the following elements:

Resilient Mind:

A cadet with a resilient mind is confident to take on challenges and overcome setbacks.

Fit Body:

A cadet understands the importance of a fit body, takes ownership to maintain a good level of physical fitness and adopts healthy eating habits.

Committed Heart:

A cadet has a committed heart and lives by the NCC Core Values, with a strong sense of purpose to serve his team, school and nation. The cadet learns passionately to develop his own abilities and proactively contributes towards wherever he is.


SGS Unit Flag and its significance

Lion head

The lion, also known as the king of the jungle, is symbolic of 2 characteristics that every cadet should have: leadership and bravery.


Every cadet should not only learn how to lead himself through self-discipline, but also how to lead others through servant leadership (help others so as to move forward as a unit).


Through fun, adventurous and military-related activities, cadets are given meaningful opportunities to courageously challenge themselves, with the nurturing support of fellow cadets, seniors and teacher officers.

White background

The colour white represents purity and virtues, which is what cadets should possess as they serve others in their own capacity.

NCC Crest

It is important for cadets to remember that at the end of every training, through the National Cadet Corps, they would have learned how they can better serve their country, Singapore.


NCC 8 Core Values

  1. Loyalty to Country
  2. Uprightness
  3. Leadership
  4. Discipline
  5. Commitment and Responsibility
  6. Care for Fellow Cadets
  7. Adventurous Spirit
  8. Safety

NCC Pledge


The members of the National Cadet Corps,

And youth of the Republic of Singapore,

Do hereby pledge,

To be loyal to the Republic and the Corps,

And to maintain a high standard of discipline and performance,

So that we,

May better serve our country.



NCC Workplan 2019 (Excel Sheet)

Ncc Workplan


Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

Like any other CCAs, the teachers-in-charge organized a zoom session with the Secondary 3 NCC Student Leaders on 25 June 2020.  This was the first online session for NCC.

Both the teachers-in-charge and Student Leaders discussed in depth, the plans for the whole unit, in the midst of the pandemic.  There were plentiful good suggestions with regard to promoting greater student engagement, whether the sessions are held online or through face-to-face interaction.  The senior cadets, for example, shared the mission, vision and core values of NCC with their juniors via power-point slides and short quizzes. 

The subsequent online sessions were conducted weekly, where the junior cadets were taught to wear their uniforms properly, via video demonstrations.

In addition, the team discussed on the march-in segment for the upcoming National Day celebrations.  NCC was put in charge of the march-in segment for the celebration.