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The Girl Guides is a worldwide movement to “enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential and become responsible citizens of the world”. Standing by its motto, ‘Be Prepared’, SGS 1st Company Guides is always reliable when called upon.

SGS Guides empowers girls through fun and challenging programmes. They diligently pursue personal growth and sharpen their skills, especially outdoor survival skills such as tent-pitching, outdoor cooking and gadget-making. SGS Guides take pride in what they do and persevere through the toughest situations.

Together with the school and community, SGS Guides strive to develop our young ladies into women of tomorrow with leadership qualities and a critical mind. It is an honour for the SGS Guides to be awarded the 2019 Gold Puan Noor Aishah Award for the 11th consecutive year. The award is a recognition of the Girl Guides’ relentless effort in pursuing the best and giving back to the school and community.

The unit is equally proud of the achievement of one of its Guides, Maizurah Binte Mohamad Khaizal from 4 Integrity (2021). She received the prestigious Baden-Powell Award in 2021, the highest award given out by the Girl Guides Chief Commissioner to a Girl Guide, in recognition of her leadership potential and development in Girl Guides.

Girls Guide

In order to fulfil the vision of developing empathy for others and committing to make a positive impact in the community, SGS Guides actively champion campaigns to advocate for causes such as environmental and water conservation, cyber-wellness, anti-smoking, kindness and many more.

Girls Guide

Girls Guide

To contribute to the well-being of the community, SGSS Guides has maintained a close partnership with Ren Ci Nursing Home since 2019.  For example, they spent time doing art and craft with the seniors in 2019. They also engaged them virtually through quizzes, songs and games during National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021.

CCA Training in times of COVID-19

In the midst of the pandemic and home-based learning, our student leaders continued to engage their peers and juniors virtually, under the guidance of the teachers-in-charge. Unfazed by the challenges, the students planned and executed various unique and fun activities, to continue equipping the girls with vital leadership and life skills.

For example, a team of guides conducted an origami workshop through video instructions and gave personal feedback to their peers as they created their artefacts. The student leaders also tapped on online tools such as Canva, Google Slides and Google Docs to collaborate and create posters, encouragement cards, proposals, and presentations to consolidate their learning for various projects. They also took the initiative to check in on the well-being of the guides through platforms such as Padlet and Mentimeter. To build a strong team spirit amongst the girls, they used online games such as ‘’ and ‘Gartic Phone’.

The student leaders indeed led by example and served as positive role models for their juniors in being adaptable and innovative to create meaningful learning experiences for each other.

Girls Guide

Girls Guide


Unit Award – Puan Noor Aishah (PNA) Award 2019 (Gold)

Unit Award – Puan Noor Aishah (PNA) Award 2018 (Gold)