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The Girl Guides is a worldwide movement to “enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world”. Standing by its motto, ‘Be Prepared’, SGS 1st Company Guides is always reliable when called upon.

They also diligently pursue personal growth and sharpen their skills, especially outdoor survival skills such as tent-pitching, outdoor cooking and gadget-making. SGS Guides take pride in what they do and persevere through the toughest situations.

Together with the school and community, SGS Guides strive to develop our young ladies into women of tomorrow with leadership qualities and a critical mind. It is an honour for the SGS Guides to be awarded the 2017 Gold Puan Noor Aishah Award for the seventh consecutive year. The award is a result of the Girl Guides’ relentless effort in pursuing the best and giving back to the school and community.


Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

25 May 2020 marks a special day for the cadets of the Girls Guide amid the circuit breaker, where the juniors say ‘Thank You and Good Bye’ to their seniors.

The suspension of CCAs caught all of us by surprise at the start of term 2.  We were not able to hold a proper Passing-Out Parade (POP) for our Secondary 4 guides and indeed, our Secondary 4s were quite upset about it. One of the seniors however mooted the idea of meeting virtually since it is not possible to now meet physically.

Immediately, the team which consisted of the Secondary 3s, and in-charge of planning the POP took on the challenge to plan the ceremony online!

Preparation work began in the first week of April 2020.  The Secondary 3s took on individual roles and sought advice from their teachers-in-charge whenever they needed help.  They planned and executed all the necessary, to prepare for the ceremony.  They created and edited videos, and they even planned a rehearsal on the flow and items planned online.  The teachers were sure that their seniors would be very proud to know about this and that they have guided the upcoming batch of leaders well.

The stage was finally all set for the ceremony to take place.  All the guides, except for the Secondary 1s, appeared on zoom in their full uniform.  Both the teachers and seniors were surprised and touched to see the juniors showing due respect to the ceremony. 

The girls expressed themselves through speeches, drawings, messages and videos in zoom to show their appreciation and gratitude to their seniors, for their contributions towards the unit!

The POP ended with the juniors wishing their seniors the best in the coming national examinations.