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The Boys’ Brigade (BB) 47th Singapore Company was established in 2000. In line with the mission of the Boys’ Brigade and school’s core values, ‘PRIDE’, the Company develops programmes to develop our Boys into gracious and responsible leaders, imbued with a zest for life and learning and serving the community.

Our company does so by organising many engaging activities for our Boys. By the end of our Boys’ journey with the Boys’ Brigade, all of them would be equipped with important first aid skills, a heart for adventure and a strong commitment to community service.

To fulfil this vision, we maintain a close partnership with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and its volunteers to engage with the residents, giving our Boys numerous opportunities to develop their empathy and care for people in different walks of life.  

Our company also strives to provide a wide range of activities to enable the Boys to experience and excel in countless areas, including popular sports and hobbies such as kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, archery and mastering the bagpipes. Our annual programme also includes fun-filled and bonding activities such as cycling, bowling, roller-blading, BBQ gatherings and occasional movie outings.


Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

The Boys’ Brigade Unit organized an e-CCA session on zoom for all Secondary 3 cadets on 19 June 2020.  Mr Koh, our VAL spoke and shared with our senior boys, the topic on ‘Leadership’, an important module and crucial to all Secondary 3 cadets as they are each given leadership positions within the unit.

During the e-CCA session, the Secondary 3 cadets were asked to list down 3 qualities of a leader.  Many of them students gave ‘caring’, ‘relatable’, ‘understanding’ and ‘reliable’ as important qualities of a good leader.  These qualities, together with leadership styles were further discussed amongst the boys, VALs and teachers.

More importantly, our senior boys must earn the respect of their juniors, and not expect the juniors to respect them because of their leadership position.   Come next week, the Secondary 3 cadets would lead the e-CCA session with their junior cadets.  We hope our seniors are able to apply the leadership qualities they had learnt, to engage their juniors.