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The Boys’ Brigade (BB) 47th Singapore Company was established in 2000 and has been operating in Serangoon Garden Secondary School since with sponsoring church Trinity Methodist Church. In line with the mission of the Boys’ Brigade and the school’s core values, ‘PRIDE’, the Company develops programmes to develop our Boys into gracious and responsible leaders, imbued with a zest for life and learning and serving the community.

The company organises many engaging activities for the boys. These include leadership and citizenship modules, first aid certification, kayaking and our niche activity, archery. Annual camps such as the Target Camp and the Leadership Training Camp serve as important learning experiences for character building as well as practical outdoor skills. The company regularly participates in the annual BBHQ events such as Character Quest and BB Blaze, which provide an opportunity for the boys to challenge themselves competitively both physically and intellectually.

By the end of our Boys’ journey with the Boys’ Brigade, all of them would be equipped with important leadership and soft skills, a heart for adventure and a strong commitment to community service.



Unit Award – JM Fraser Award 2019 (Gold)

Unit Award – JM Fraser Award 2018 (Gold)