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Anyone can steer a ship in calm waters, but not every student is able to weather through difficulties with resilience and fortitude. SGS Netball offers an enriching and fruitful journey of self-discovery, where fine young ladies learn the importance of passion, appreciate the value of teamwork, and embrace the magic of persistence.

The CCA presents our girls with an array of opportunities that include Zonal competitions, sports carnivals, camps and even values-in-action programmes.

“Netball is a team sport. We train together as a team and play together as one, “ said Ong Tze Xuan, Netball Captain for 2017/2018. “We show respect and empathy towards each other and even towards our opponents. I never regret joining netball as my CCA and I have made many good friends across all streams! They always encourage me to not to give up during our games. SGS Netball, BOLEH!”