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We are a group of passionate floorballers who come together, to train, learn, and grow as a team. We are proud to call ourselves ‘SGS Lions’ – a symbol of courage and strength. 

The year started off with our in-house CCA Open House. Keeping the SMM in mind, our girls planned and executed the activities for the Sec ones to give them a foretaste of what Floorball training is like in SGSS. It was heartening to see everyone pitching in to ensure that the activities ran smoothly and safely. Some of the seniors had to step out of their comfort zone in order to make this event an engaging one for the juniors. Kudos to you ladies!


Through tears of joy and sadness, we had to bid farewell to our Sec 4 and 5 players as they stepped down from the CCA to focus on their National Exams at the end of the year. We are very grateful for their years of contribution to Floorball and for nurturing the younger players. Their personal sharing and encouragement will always be cherished.


One of the VIA project embarked by Floorball this year is the caring for the cacao plants in SGSS. Our VIA leaders were briefed by the owner of the cacao plants on the caring of the plants. Duties were rostered so that every one of us play a part in the growth of these plants. Hopefully our effort will bear fruit and we will be able to taste the fruit of our labour! Literally!