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The Basketball team believes that CCA plays an important role in developing critical thinkers and thoughtful leaders in Serangoon Garden Secondary School. To that end, we aim to develop values such as perseverance, respect, and diligence among our players.

Staying true to these values, our boys put in their best performance in all competitions. Every year, our school basketball team will participate in the South Zone Basketball Championships and T-Net Basketball competitions. Through trainings and competitions, our players develop their self-confidence, perseverance to overcome the odds of winning and empathy towards their opponents.

In addition, the CCA also acts as a platform for the students to forge friendships and bonding outside of the classroom environment. Hence, the students can excel physically and emotionally as they participate in and grow through the Basketball programme in SGS.


Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

Our basketball members re-oriented themselves in face of COVID-19.  Instead of the usual physical training sessions, our coaches instructed the boys, via zoom sessions, on guided exercises, with supervision of the CCA teachers. ‘Physical Conditioning’ was the focus of our first e-CCA session, where the boys, together with the coach and teachers had a tiring but worthwhile workout. The subsequent sessions provided opportunities for our boys to stay connected to one another as they keep themselves physically fit and mentally disciplined.  Both our boys, together with their parents welcome this initiative. 

Physical school training, for all boys commenced in phase 2.  Our boys looked forward to the first physical training session together.  Players, in both the Upper and Lower Secondary levels were divided into two groups, in compliance with MOE guidelines of 5 members in a group.