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Our Badminton CCA aims to instill in players the school’s PRIDE values as we equip players with the necessary badminton skills for success in tournaments. This is achieved through the training and the various programs put in place throughout the year. Besides playing a good game of badminton, our players are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Beyond tournament performances, the shuttler’s mission in SGS is to imbue the love of racquet sports to their peers in SGS. They plan and organize CCA-based and school-based events such as Inter-house Badminton tournaments, team building activities, CCA outings, Secondary One CCA Open House exhibitions, and CCA selection trials so that as many people can get to fall in love with this social and inclusive sport. In addition, they are involved in Values-in-Action activities which allow them to develop their own character and give back to the community.

CCA Training in times of COVID-19

We adhere strictly to the national posture for Safety Management Measures (SMM).

1) Zoom Fitness Trainings

When physical CCA sessions were halted, students met with the coach and teachers online on Zoom for virtual fitness trainings. Students also used this platform to discuss VIA projects.

2) Training in School with SMM in place

Trainings are held twice weekly.

In-person training is valuable and crucial to the fitness and skill development in our students. To ensure that all students have the opportunity to train safely in school, students are split into groups and sessions are staggered to reduce intermingling. Safe distancing is actively enforced, and training is conducted in groups of 5 per court.

Student Experiences

“During training, we make sure that no one is left behind and that they are always keeping at their 100%. Seniors have pushed us to do better so that we become stronger. We work as a team so we get stronger together.”

–  Aqmal (Lower Secondary Captain)

“Training has become tougher for us as we were supposed to have compete this year. However, due to Covid-19 we are unable to have competitions, but this has not stopped me from striving to do my best during every training session, especially with the great amount of encouragement from our CCA teachers and coach.”

– Gareth Guan (Lower Secondary Vice-captain)

“I was excited to join as Badminton is my favorite sport. Everyone is kind to each other and helped me improve by guiding and supporting me.”

 – Javan (Sec 1, 2021)