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Serangoon Garden Secondary School’s Badminton CCA aims to instil in players the school’s PRIDE values as we equip players with the necessary badminton skills for success in tournaments. This is achieved through the training and the various programmes put in place throughout the year. Besides playing a good game of badminton, our players are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Beyond tournament performances, the shuttlers mission in SGS is to imbue the love of racquet sports to their peers in SGS. They plan and organise CCA-based and school-based events such as Inter-house Badminton tournament, team building activities, CCA outings, Secondary One CCA Open House exhibitions and CCA selection trials so that as many people can get to fall in love with this social and inclusive sport. In addition, they are involved in Values-in-Action activities which allow them to develop their own character and give back to the community.


Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, our boys still look forward to the weekly training sessions.  As we could not meet physically, the coach, together with the teachers, met all the boys, via zoom to train. 

We conducted 5 online training sessions, in different forms. The training became more intensified for each session.  Besides training, we also had a discussion on our VIA. 

Below is a video of our training session, via zoom with the coach and teachers.

And I thought HBT is easy…

The second week of Badminton HBT came with a higher intensity in training. The boys and Lee Yann Tsyr Andreea (SCHOOLS) were amazing. They adapted quickly to the increased pace. I was perspiring all over. I was just mediating ‘mind over body’ as we did the physicals.

Positive Outcomes
1.          One of our aim for HBT was to promote a healthy lifestyle. So a target of 20km/month was            given to the boys. Some of the boys have started running.
2.          More boys just the HBT compared to week 1. It’s good to see the boys motivating each other.
3.          The boys see the Teachers doing the physical training with them.

Negative Outcomes
1.          network was still an issue. Some parts were laggy. Some boys were using their mobile data plan.
2.          space constraints remain.

Next Up:
(1)         Fitness Bingo challenge

(2)         VIA discussion