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Students who enjoy making short films, taking photographs or working with sound systems will have the opportunity to hone their media skills in the SGS Media Studio. They will be capturing moments of school events through photography and videography, preserving the memories of their secondary school experience.

The students’ work will be featured in various school’s publicity platforms and it will be a visible reminder of their tangible contribution to the school. The creative work of our students have been featured at nation-wide platforms, such as:

  • Community Film and Theatre Festival 2018
  • 第十届全国中学华语短片制作比赛 2017 (Fourth Placing)
  • Schools Digital Media Awards 2017 – Photo Essay Competition
  • Schools Digital Media Awards 2017 – Video Competition
  • 第九届全国中学华语短片制作比赛 2016
  • National Climate Change Competition 2016

Through working in teams on projects, students improve their social skills and are able to express themselves and their creativity. These experiences are extremely valuable, especially in today’s increasingly media-driven world.


Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, sessions were conducted via ZOOM where the instructors taught essential skills for photography and videography.  Secondary 1 students and selected Secondary 3 students did photography while the Secondary 2 and selected Secondary 3 students did videography.

For photography, composition techniques and how to take photographs using interesting angles were covered. For videography, essential skills like scripting, acting and editing were taught during the sessions.

After each session for both photography and videography, students were given time to practise and apply what they have learnt. At the end of the session, students will share and reflect their process and clarify any doubts they have with the instructors.