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In the Robotics Club, students learn about and participate in activities related to aviation (Flight Simulator, SAFMC Cat C, Aerochallenge), robotics programming, racing (F1 in Schools) as well as other technology-related areas. In each platform, students are trained by professionals or seniors, and subsequently represent the school in national level competitions.

The Robotics Club focus on developing 21st century skills in students, such as learning to innovate, think critically and communicate and collaboration effectively with their peers. The aim for every member is to be able collaborate with one another, be open to new ideas, be critical in new endeavours, and be bold to make decisive actions. We believe that is through such individual dispositions that the collective vision of a SMART Nation becomes viable.


Online Co-curricular activities (CCA)

Despite the pandemic, the pupils of the Robotics Club were still actively engaged, from preparing for online competitions to Values-in-Action (VIA) projects virtually. 

A team from the Robotics Club represented the school in the First Lego League Competition. In the competition, students were required to design a robot to complete a series of tasks. In addition, the pupils must conduct a research on an environmental problem and proposed a solution to it. This year, due to the string of SMM in place, the presentation round of the competition was conducted via zoom. Our team presented the topic on ‘Global Warming’ using a skit and they emerged runners-up in the competition.

To better understand basic coding and computational thinking, selected students attended the Arudino Beginner Course, conducted via zoom and face-to-face when Term 4 commenced, over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. They were also exposed to using technology to solve simulated problems in their daily lives.

Besides the online competition and workshop, the pupils were actively engaged in the preparation of their VIA project. They split themselves into teams and designed lesson plans, interactive activities and lesson materials to teach basic hand-phone functions to the elderly via a series of lessons. Some of these lessons included ‘Making Phone Calls’, ‘Raising Awareness on Online Scams’, ‘Watching YouTube Videos’ and ‘Taking Beautiful Photographs’. The entire preparation was done virtually, with the support of online tools and platforms like zoom, google classroom and google slides, so as to facilitate collaboration and brainstorming.