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In the Robotics Club, students learn about and take part in activities related to aviation (Flight Simulator, DIY Drone Assembly, Aerochallenge), coding and automation (Microbit, Microcontroller and Scratch Game design) as well as other technology-related areas. Professionals or seniors will guide students in their learning. Students will represent the school in national robotic competitions.


The Robotics Club focus on developing 21st-century skills in students. Students learn to innovate, think and communicate and collaborate with their peers. They collaborate with one another to generate new ideas. Be critical in new endeavours, be bold to make decisive actions. Through such the collective vision of a SMART Nation becomes viable.


Competitions and VIA

Robotic Club represented the school in the National Robotic CoderZ Coding Challenge. In the CoderZ Coding Challenge, students learn valuable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills. During the June Holiday, students also take part in the Victual Space Coding Course. Students were exposed to the basics of Android Studio and Java, which used to programme free-flying robots onboard the international space station. At the final Space Coding Hackathon, 2 students received the Certificate of Achievement. Our Robotics Club also represented the school in the First Lego League Competition. In the competition, students designed a robot to complete a series of tasks. Our team emerged runners-up in the competition.

Students will attend Block-based Prototyping Programming to learn basic coding and computational thinking. Exploring technology to solve simulated problems in their daily lives.

Besides competitions and workshops, the students were also involved VIA project in preparation. Students learn to identify and consider possible options in addressing social concerns. We want our students to become concerned citizens and responsible leaders.