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Mission: To develop outstanding student leaders through HEART, MIND, and STRENGTH in training and service to School and Community

The Serangoon Garden Secondary School Student Council exists as a platform for leadership development, an avenue for character development, and a bridge between the school management and the student body.


The objectives of the SGS Student Council are:

  1. To identify and develop potential leaders among the school population;
  2. To prepare leaders to serve the school, and in a broader sense, the community;
  3. To assist in the running of school events and functions;
  4. To aid in maintaining school discipline and proper decorum;
  5. To generate school spirit and promote common identity;
  6. To serve as a bridge between the school administration and the student body;
  7. To look after the general welfare of the student body.

We hope that by attending our various training programmes our students will:

  1. Be committed to improving society
  2. Be proactive in surmounting our constraints
  3. Be compassionate towards others
  4. Be able to inspire, motivate and draw out the best from others
  5. Be able to chart our destiny and lead
  6. Be able to forge breakthroughs in a knowledge-based economy
  7. Be creative and imaginative
  8. Be tenacious against the odds and not quit.

SGS Student Council Oath
We, the Student Councillors of SGS, hereby pledge
to uphold integrity and diligence,
to be loyal and true to the school,
to maintain high standards of discipline and performance with perseverance,
to respect and care for one another,
to function as a bridge between teachers and students,
and to create a conducive environment in which everyone can achieve.

Programmes and Responsibilities

The Student Council will endeavour to achieve its goals through the following:

(a) Identify Potential Student Leaders

Teachers nominate suitable students in February and October. Selection is based on teachers’ assessment of students through their performance in class and/or CCA. Nominees are then screened for Discipline / Academic issues before being selected for formal interviews. They are then put through a series of tasks in camp to further assess their aptitude before being officially appointed as Student Councillors at the annual Council Investiture.

(b) Develop leaders through camps, workshops & enrichment activities

Since 2004, we have engaged an external vendor to collaborate in growing the student leadership body. Their involvement has gradually been reduced (as envisaged) with each passing year. Leadership Training Camps are held twice a year. Workshops such as Public Speaking, The Leader in Me, Event Planning and Management are also conducted to train the Councillors in various aspects of leadership. Enrichment for the year will include Sport-related activities such as Dragon Boating, Kayaking, Archery, Inline Skating and Fencing.

(c) Provide opportunities for leaders to lead (school events, camps, duties)

Student Councillors will be rostered for duties in teams throughout the school term. Senior Councillors and potential Council leaders will also be given supervisory roles to check on the various teams. Student Councillors will also be involved in school events, either in organizing these events or providing logistical and manpower support.

(d) Maintain discipline through daily routines and duties

Student Councillors will be assigned specific tasks in the form of routine duties that are to be performed throughout the school term. Responsibilities include Gate duty, Canteen Duty, Latecomer duty, Assembly duty and Patrolling. Senior Councillors and potential Council leaders will also be given supervisory roles to check on the various teams.

(e) Reinforce the importance of self-discipline and role-modeling

Integral to an effective Student Council is the self-discipline of each and every Council member. To start with, only those with no prior discipline issues were selected for further consideration. From the very first meeting with the nominees, and at each Council meeting, the Council teacher take it upon ourselves to emphasise the importance of how each Councillor’s behaviour and performance. The Councillors understand that once they put on the Council tie and collar-pin, they are ambassadors of the Council, and in a larger sense, the School. Every Councillor is a role-model to the general student population.

(f) Exact discipline on Council members where necessary

Councillors will be disciplined as deemed necessary. They will be held accountable for their actions. Feedback is sought from staff as well as students, and every complaint is investigated thoroughly and fairly.

(g) Look after the welfare of Council members and the student population

The Student Council looks after its members and the student population in which it serves.

The former is achieved via mentoring of the younger Councillors by senior members and ex-councillors who have since graduated. The long-term goal is to launch an alumni for SGS Student Councillors. Birthdays are celebrated monthly, and fun activities interspersed throughout the term to inject enjoyment into Council life. Welfare for the general school population is achieved through the mentoring of Sec One pupils when they enter SGS. Student Councillors are heavily involved in the activities of the ‘freshmen’ in the first two weeks of their Secondary school life.

Apart from meeting them in the morning assembly, the Councillors help out in the orientation activities like camps and CCA Open House. The Council aims to represent students’ views through a suggestion box scheme and to cater to the well-being of students by running the teen hub as an avenue for students to interact and participate in healthy and fun activities.