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Our Senior Teacher (PE), Miss Aw Kai Yueh was awarded the AST Associate Award for Professional Development. She received the award on 7 November 2018 from Mrs Chua-Lim Yen Ching, Deputy Direct General of Education and Executive Director of AST. This award recognizes Miss Aw’s commitment in sharing her knowledge of PE and initiating and delivering workshops that facilitate the professional learning of fellow teachers in the teaching fraternity. For example, she was appointed a CORE Team (PE) member of PESTA’s Teacher Leader Network (2017-2018) & had facilitated 3 network sessions there. She also presented at the Physical & Sports Education (PSE) Conference (Singapore) in 2017 on ‘The Games Concept Approach (GCA): Making it work’. In November 2018, Miss Aw will be presenting at the Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference (APPEC) in Hong Kong. She is a good mentor, & had hosted PE teachers from other schools during her PE lessons in SGS.