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“Inculcating in our students positive, desirable scientific values and attitudes such as curiosity, perseverance, integrity, open-mindedness and objectivity so that they are competent in the future knowledge-based society.”

Key Department Programmes

The Lower Secondary Science curriculum includes the three branches of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A modular system has been adopted, whereby topics are grouped according to their nature and are taught in modules.

At Upper Secondary, the subjects offered students are: Pure Chemistry, Science(Phy/Chem), Science(Chem/Bio) and Science(Phy/Bio). Students may study the subject of their choice based on their interests and aptitude.

To help students achieve academic excellence, structured supplementary classes are conducted weekly for the graduating students from Term 2 onwards. To ensure learning is exciting, meaningful and relevant to the students, several other teaching-related activities have been organized. Here are some of the examples of such activities:

1) Advanced Elective Modules from NYP: (a) Applications of Renewable Energy and (b) Nanomaterials and Applications
– To expose students to some courses that may add value to their Polytechnic learning experience.

2) Life Sciences Workshops
– To introduce students to basic techniques like using the micropipette, performing gel electrophoresis etc.

3) Pet-rocket Workshop
– To include the fun element in the learning of Science.

4) Local Fieldtrips
– to reinforce concepts by making them alive and three-dimensional.