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The Physical Education Department aims to develop our students to be physically healthy, disciplined, caring, morally upright, socially responsible and loyal citizens.

At Serangoon Garden Secondary School, we believe in educating students to live a healthy and active lifestyle through a Physical Education programme that is engaging and varied. We teach a variety of sports over six to eight weeks, namely, track and field, table tennis, floorball, basketball, badminton, soccer, volleyball and softball. There is an assessment for PE, where sports skills, fitness and sports theory are monitored, the grade students’ appreciation and leaning in PE.

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.”

~ Edward Smith-Stanley (1752-1834) –three times Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Key Department Programmes

3f-photo-4At Serangoon Garden Secondary, Physical Education is not just about the play, competition, physical activity and fitness. It is about teaching the life skills that can be learnt through sports. Values such as sportsmanship, discipline, diligence, and being responsible are taught constantly as the teachers continuously facilitate and draw out these learning points at every opportunity.

Here at Serangoon Garden Secondary, we pride ourselves in teaching students engagingly through our all-round Physical Education syllabus.

At Serangoon Garden Secondary, we introduce other sports such as ultimate Frisbee, touch rugby, and an innovative game – missile golf. It is our goal to have our students to enjoy some of these games well enough to carry on playing it as a pastime or competitively after graduation and for life.

In addition to the sports learnt, we also introduce an outdoor education module, where we teach basic bouldering, tent pitching, outdoor cooking and basic orienteering. To supplement the physical activities, we teach several areas of health and Physical Education related topics such as basic anatomy, basic first aid, and add-on topics like nutrition and hydration, which are areas that are equally important and complement one’s active lifestyle.


SGS are South Zone Football Champions!