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The Nutrition and Food Science Department aims to empower students to be health-conscious and become discerning consumers; enabling them to better manage their lives for the present and the future.

Following up with Food and Nutrition we aim to develop students’ understanding of concepts of nutrition and food science. With the use of inquiry-based learning and ICT in Food and Nutrition and Food Studies Coursework, students will become socially aware responsible self-directed learners.


Signature Programmes

Partnership with TOUCH Diabetes

Food and Nutrition students become active contributors and concerned citizens as they partner with TOUCH Diabetes, creating modified meals for diabetic patients. Students learn more about meal planning and put into practice the knowledge and skills they gained in the classroom to create the meals.


Lower Secondary Healthy Breakfast Meals

Food and Consumer Education students learn the importance of a healthy breakfast as well as entrepreneurship skills in order to sell their breakfast meals.



  • Keat Hong Sandwich Making Competition 1st and 4th placing 2017
  • Assumption Pathway School Baking Competition 2017 (Participation)
  • iChef Competition 2018 (Participation)