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Our school has in place a General Music Programme which aims to provide students with a basic music education, which creates opportunities to develop their music abilities.

Students are exposed to instrumental skills such as ukulele, keyboard and drums. Students are also encouraged to explore musical creativity through song-writing modules. In this comprehensive 2-year music programme, students develop the ability for creative expression and communication, develop an awareness of music in local and global cultures, and acquire a basis for an informed and life-long involvement in music.


Signature Programmes

In lower secondary level, our music programme focuses on Pop Band Song Cover module. Over the two-year programme, students are equipped with the basic skills in acoustic instruments such as guitars, ukuleles and keyboard. Virtual drum apps are also used in class to provide every student with the opportunities to learn drums. Through our programme, students work in groups to put up song covers.

Besides performing during class presentation, students are given the opportunities to perform for school events such as ‘SGS got talent’ competitions and lunch time concerts to further develop their musicianship skills. In June 2018, our students are also given the platform to perform their song covers for the public, where they sang and played musical instruments during a concert held in National Museum of Singapore.

In upper secondary music curriculum, students are equipped with the basic music technology skills, such as arranging popular song covers with the use of music software. To extend learning beyond the classroom setting, upper secondary music students have the opportunity to appreciate western musicals such as The Lion King at Marina Bay Sands Theatre, as well as performing the annual combined music camp held by Art Education Branch and ITE College Central.