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“Developing in every SGSians the love for MT language and culture through progressive and innovative teaching.”

Key Department Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother Tongue fortnight activities allow exposure and appreciation towards MTL. There were a wide range of activities tailored for different levels:

For Secondary 1s, the activities centred around learning language skills through engaging ways. Secondary 2s were given the opportunity be cultural exposed to Medieval History which leads up to Xi-An Immersion Programme in the later part of the year. The activities include batik painting, making of the Wau and Malay calligraphy. Cultural camp was organised to provide students with an immersive environment to learn and appreciate the Malay culture. This year the students learnt about the origin of ‘nasi ambeng’ and its significance behind it. Upper secondary were given opportunities to hone their journalistic skills.

MTL - batik 5 (1) MTL - food tasting
MTL - Chinese Painintg MTL - Paper Cutting

Newspaper Reading Programme

The upper secondary students subscribe to zB Comma, Tamil Murasu and Berita Harian weekly and newspaper reading activities are infused into lessons. Discussions of current affairs are tied in with newspaper reading activities to raise students’ global awareness and become concerned citizens. Other than that we take opportunities to help students gain exposure to journalism by identifying and training student reporters, who submit write-ups of school events on a regular basis.

Immersion Programme

In recent years, Serangoon Garden collaborated with Xi-An sister schools 89th Middle School and Xi-Tie Middle school on immersion programmes targeted at the lower secondary students. Participants get to received first hand authentic experiences on living and breathing the Chinese Cultures.

MTL - Xi An immersion

CPES Exposure to the Arts

Our school participated in the Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (文化随意门)support the efforts of community organisations to create an environment conducive to the learning of Chinese Language and its culture within and beyond schools. Every year the Secondary 2 students will have an opportunity to gain exposure to theatre and the arts. In 2014, the Sec 2s students have went on journeys to watch 《越洋控诉》and 《天冷就回来》。In 2015, they will be watching 《雨季》by Toy Factory.

One Minute Video Production

Sec 3 students were given a project at the beginning of the year where they had to produce a one-minute video based on selected themes given by their teachers. The purpose of this project is to expose students to the use of ICT in Malay language as well as to help them be familiar with the different themes/topics that will be tested in their oral conversation. In addition to this, students will be able to scaffold their ideas and organized contents based on these videos.

Malay Department Special Programmes

  • Poetry Competition for Sec 3E and 3N
  • Video Competition for Sec 3E and 3N
  • Advertisement Making Competition for Sec 1 and 2 NT
  • Scriptwriting Competition for lower sec express and normal academic
  • Song Lyric Competition for Upper Sec Normal Technical
  • Malay Cultural Camp
  • Learning Journey-Malay Traditional Games and Sports
  • Learning Journey – Art of Malay Warfare

Tamil Department Special Programmes

  • TL Drama Workshop & Competition
  • TL ICT Competition
  • TL Book Review & Creative Writing Competitions
  • Spoken Tamil Workshop
  • MOE TL Creative Writing Competition
  • Tamil Language Month Opening Ceremony
  • Drama & Puppet Show
  • MTL Fortnight Camp Activities
  • TL Quiz


Zb Comma Journalistic Competition 2014 & 2015
In 2014, our students took part in the National Editorial Competition for Chinese Language held by Zaobao Comma, on a national level,. They received commendation awards for their excellent journalistic work.  We would like to affirm the good work put in by Cheryl Ang and Tan Junxiang from Sec 2E1, Chan Mun Wei and He Cong from 2E2, and Sec 5A1’s Seah Jia Hui, Jessie Lam, Marvin Ko and Ng Anrou.


MTL - competition


MTL - zb competition
YMCA Speaker’s Competition 2015

Our students from 2E1, Zhao Jiayi and Huang Zijin exhibited their speech talent in the Annual YMCA Speakers’ Competition, entering into the finals and being mentioned on Honour Roll respective.



Calligraphy Competition
Six of our 2E Higher Chinese students participated in the Singapore-China Chinese Calligraphy Competition held at Singapore Futsing Association Organised jointly by the association with Poi Ching School and Golden Compass School, five of our students emerged winners in the competition, alongside competitors from River Valley High, Nanhua and Zhonghua Secondary schools. Coming from different form classes and varying backgrounds, our students took away great lessons in perseverance, humility and self-confidence. Among the winners are Si Ruitong of 2E1, Jiang Zhi Yin of 2E2 and Hsu Ren Yun of 2E4 who won in the consolation prize category, as well as Zhou Keyi of 2E2 and Hsu Shing Yuan of 2E3 who won in the prize for excellence category.

MTL - recitation competition

Chinese Department

Zhan Chi (展翅)- The 9th Edition of Chinese Essays Compilation is now available for download online!


Tamil Department

  • MOE TL Creative Writing Competition 2012
    • Runner – Up (Harish S/O Balamurugan, 1E1)
  • MOE TL Quiz 2012
    • 1st (Priyatharsini & Sameera Begum, 3E3)