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Nurturing effective problem solvers with a love for learning through a wide spectrum of strategies to meet varied learning needs.

The Math Department aims to provide students with varied learning experiences during their stay with the school.

All students will experience the Department Signature Programme (Authentic learning experience through a tiered approach) & Pedagogy: Problems in Real-World Context (PRWC). They will be able to see the relevance of Mathematics in their everyday life and through this, it is hoped that they become effective problem solvers with a love for learning. This is also in line with the focus on Joy of Learning and Entrepreneurial Dare where students make decisions on real world situations. Through the process, students develop critical thinking skills.

Mathematics 1800x1500


Signature Programmes

Authentic learning experience through a tiered approach

  • Secondary 1 students have the opportunity to design their own PRWC problems through group work, such as on the topic of Rate.
  • Secondary 2 students participate in a learning journey outside school such as the Singapore Changi Airport to see how Mathematics is relevant to their daily lives, in collaboration with the English department.
  • Secondary 3 students will work in groups to work on a task using Mathematical Modelling.
  • Secondary 4 and 5 students have the opportunity to work on more PRWC tasks in groups, in pairs and individually.



The department actively sends students with different abilities for competitions held locally and internationally. Local competitions include the Maths Challenge@ Ngee Ann Poly, the Inter-school Sudoku Challenge and the All Singapore Normal Course Maths Competition. International competitions include the pen-and-paper Australian Mathematics Competition.


(Maths Challenge@ Ngee Ann Poly)

  • Champion Overall for Math Challenge
  • 1st Runner Up for Game Segment
  • 3rd prize for Quiz Segment

(Inter-school Sudoku Challenge)

  • 6th position out of 27 schools

(All Singapore Normal Course Maths Competition)

  • 2nd position for the lower secondary NA category among 72 schools
  • 6th and 11th position for the individual award out of about 800 students

(Australian Mathematics Competition)

  • Results to be updated when released


(Australian Mathematics Competition)

  • Lower secondary category: 13.8% distinctions, 31.0% credits
  • Upper secondary category: 31.6% credits

(Maths Challenge@ Ngee Ann Poly) 

  • Champion for Quiz Segment


(Australian Mathematics Competition)

  • Lower secondary category: 11.7% distinctions, 25.4% credits
  • Upper secondary category: 14.3% distinctions, 32.1% credits

(Maths Challenge@ Ngee Ann Poly)

  • 2nd Runner Up Overall for Math Challenge
  • Champions and 2nd Runner Up for Game Segment
  • Champion for Quiz Segment