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The SGS Learning for Life Programme (LLP) aims to nurture confident and compassionate leaders who will serve the school and the community. In SGS, we provide leadership training for all students to discover their strengths and build leadership competencies in them.

Students with a greater aptitude and interests in learning and serving will be given opportunities to participate in advanced leadership courses and apply their learning in leading class/school-wide/community events. Through experiential learning and mentoring, our student leaders will develop an entrepreneurial dare in them to apply what they had learnt while broadening their influence in impacting the community.


Signature Programmes

In SGS, all students undergo customised level-wide leadership programmes based on the Five Practices and Ten Commitments of The Student Leadership ChallengeTM. These programmes aim to develop in our students, leadership skills, self-management skills, social awareness skills and responsible decision making skills. As part of our inclusive approach for student leadership development, all students have the opportunity to step up to serve as a student leader through the SGS Leadership By Choice platform from 2018.

Students who are found suitable will be appointed junior student leaders and attend leadership training so as to better equip them in leading projects in their class/CCA. The Class Committee and the CCA Action Leaders acquired the 5 Practices of The Student Leadership Challenge and event management skills through the Action Leaders Workshop as they plan and lead class-based events such as the SGS Carnival 2018 while guided by the senior student leaders.

Students who have the interest and ability to be appointed Heads of their CCA/ Student Council attend the Inspirational Leaders Workshop which aims to develop team management skills and help them to plan and lead school wide events (Teachers Day Celebrations, Secondary 1 Orientation Camp etc.).



  • 2018: Noel Lim, Lee Kuan Yew All Rounded Excellence Award Winner
  • 2018: Deyna Yeo Yi Qi, Shannon Koh, Top 3o in National Young Leader Award
  • 2017 – 2018: Good Neighbours Project Phase 2, in collaboration with HDB and the Serangoon Community
  • 2017: Deyna Yeo & Lim Jia Jia, Best Apprenticeship Award, Heartware-CCE Leadership Programme
  • 2017: Shannon Koh, Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Award
  • 2017: Noel Lim, National Young Leader Award Finalist