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The SGS Learning for Life Programme (LLP) aims to nurture confident and compassionate leaders who will serve the school and the community. In SGS, we provide leadership training for all students to discover their strengths and build leadership competencies in them.

Students with a greater aptitude and interests in learning and serving will be given opportunities to participate in advanced leadership courses and apply their learning in leading class/school-wide/community events. Through experiential learning and mentoring, our student leaders will develop an entrepreneurial spirit in them to apply what they had learnt while broadening their influence in impacting the community.


SGSS believes that everyone IS a Leader and Leadership is a Choice. We aim to develop leadership skills and qualities in all our students by offering a platform for all students to indicate their desired leadership roles. The platform together with the SGSS Leadership pentagon framework, offer multiple developmental pathways for leaders to hone their skills and shine on the three leadership tiers – Self, Team, Thought.

Our Training Approach

Students will have opportunities to undergo trainings and take on leadership appointment within the school context (Class, CCA, and Student Council). For students with higher potential or aspirations, they may be identified for the talent development programme for greater exposure beyond the school setting.