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Our Humanities Department aims to develop our students to be critical thinkers who are able to apply their learning across different contexts through authentic tasks and activities that make learning relevant and meaningful to the learner.

Thus, the department adopts the Inquiry-based learning and making thinking visible pedagogies in our lessons. Through arousing the students’ curiosity, students are encouraged to raise questions pertaining to real-world issues, and they will be guided to explore, examine and evaluate solutions to these authentic issues. This motivates them to be self-directed learners and nurtures the joy of learning Humanities.

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Signature Programmes

As part of the curriculum, the department also organizes field trips to places in Singapore where, besides learning about Geography and History, pupils also get to see and appreciate the beauty and success that Singapore has achieved. These include visits to the Marina Barrage, Ancient Civilization and History Museum, Sungei Buloh Wetlands, the rainforest at Botanical Gardens and others. Activities and competitions for students are also held regularly to maximise our students’ potential.