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“Through the use of authentic materials and creative methodology, we aim to produce students who are independent and responsible learners, and effective communicators.”

Key Department Programme

TOEFL Junior Tests
As part of our efforts to help students improve their reading skills, our school has embarked on an annual level-wide TOEFL Junior Test to assist with literacy and reading interventions.

Drama Showcase for Sec 2 Literature Programme
To better facilitate and enhance the learning of our students, our school has infused drama lessons into the Literature curriculum.


Advanced Literature Programme
Secondary 1 Students with outstanding grades in Literature will be selected to participate in an Advanced Literature Programme in Secondary 2.

Biennial Garden Fiesta Drama
To provide students with the opportunity to showcase their talents and gain exposure to the performing arts, we have our very own Biennial Garden Fiesta Drama.

Oratorical training of students for major school events
To develop our students’ oratorical skills and to provide them with authentic platforms to nurture their talents, students in our school are given the opportunity to learn and partake in hosting major school events.

EL-NSLF 2014a



 4 wins at National Schools Literature Festival

  • Lower Secondary Book Trailer (Drama)
  • Lower Secondary Book Parade (Exhibition)
  • Upper Secondary Unseen Text Debate
  • Upper Secondary Set Text Debate

EL-NSLF 2014

Collaborated with People’s Association on the creation of for Youth Peer-to-Peer Video Production;


  • Language Arts Club members participated in National Story Challenge
    • Semi Finals for Secondary Individual(English)
      • Erica Lock Jia Hui
    • Semi Finals for Secondary Team (English)
      • Priscilla Toh Rui Si
      • Neo Wen Qi Fiona
      • Lim Wen Xuan Kaylyn
      • Crystal Lye Ying Suan
    • Semi Finals for Secondary Individual (Mandarin)
      • Foo Yu Wen Angeline
      • Chan Mun Wei
    • Semi Finals for Secondary Individual (Tamil)
      • Shivadarshini Ramachandran
  • Musical trip to Marina Bay Sands “Beauty and the Beast”
  • Participation of Sharing in Redesigning Pedagogy Conference by Ms Angel ChiangEL-angels sharing
  • National Schools Literature Festival 
    • Flash Fiction Competition (Upper Secondary Category)- top three winners
      • Shivadarshini Ramachandran
    • Flash Fiction Competition (Lower Secondary Category)- top three winners
      • James Makarios