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Design and Technology, Food Studies, Element of Business Skills

Key Programme

The Elective Culinary Arts Programme, conducted on an annual basis by SHATEC for our Upper Secondary Food and Nutrition pupils, aims to develop finer culinary skills. The Elective Design Programme, conducted for our Design and Technology pupils, enables students to go beyond basic skills to being equipped with more precise design techniques.

Industrial Attachment Programme

Elements of Business Skills (EBS) was introduced to N(T) students as an elective subject in 2008. It aims to equip students with basic knowledge, skills and values relevant for the service industries, namely, retail, hospitality and tourism. The teaching approach emphasised is on applied hands-on learning in the real world. The EBS IEP is a partnership initiative between Serangoon Garden Secondary School and various companies to provide authentic learning opportunities for EBS students to gain knowledge, skills and values beyond the classroom.

The main objective of the programme is to give our students the chance to get a real-life experience of how companies in various industries, such as food & beverage, service and labour, are run. The students would be able to apply the skills learnt in the classroom to their work if they take up jobs in these industries in the future. They would also get the opportunity to learn life skills at the workplace such as punctuality, respect for supervisors and colleagues, perseverance to complete the task at hand, and taking responsibility for their actions and decisions.



ITE CC Innovation & Enterprise Day 2014

On 14th February 2014, 8 students from 4T1 formed 2 teams and took part in the Innovation & Enterprise Day creativity competition at ITE College Central. Our pupils create gift items for friends and families using recycled materials and balloon flowers. Both teams have demonstrated good team work and have shown their creativity and problem solving skills. Both teams won the Merit Award for the Green Innovators Secondary School Segment.


iChef 2012

In 2012, SGS became the champions of the iChef competition. iChef is an annual Culinary Competition initiated by the School of Hospitality (SOH) of Republic Polytechnic (RP) to promote interest and unleash creativity and potential in the areas of food & beverage and culinary.

The theme for the iChef 2012 Finals was Cuisine for Health and the finalists had to showcase their talent in creating and cooking a nutritional main dish to impress the judges, including Celebrity Chef Eric Teo (President of Singapore Chefs Association), Chef Otto Weibel (Honorary President Mentor of Singapore Chefs Association) and Chef Edmund Toh (Vice President of Singapore Chefs Association).