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Outline of Curriculum

The design process is the key platform in Design & Technology. It guides the act of conceptualising and creating design solutions that are practical and appropriate in everyday life. Students undertake a series of designs and make projects progressively (from Secondary 1 to 4/5) to acquire new knowledge and skills through this learning platform.

Students are also encouraged to take part in enrichment programmes such as seminars and competitions to apply their knowledge learned in class and reinforce their learning.


Lower Secondary Curriculum

In the lower secondary level, students learn through design-and-make projects. As students immerse in these projects, they will acquire related knowledge and develop skills to turn ideas into reality.


Upper secondary Curriculum

In the upper secondary level, students learn to identify design opportunities in the community, understand the needs of the user, and then work independently to design and prototype innovative solutions that meet those needs.

Design Seminar 2022

Design Seminar 2022