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SGSS Art Unit aims to instill in our students the love for visual arts by developing in them the artistic skills of observation, creative expression and appreciation through the lower and upper secondary art curriculum.

Within the curriculum

Lower Secondary students are exposed to dry and wet art media such as pencil, pen and watercolour. Students are also guided to extend their ideas through creative techniques to create their art works. Specialised curriculums are designed for the various streams to cater to their learning needs such as performance tasks and project based assignments.

For the Upper Secondary curriculum, emphasis is placed on both technical skills and conceptual thought processes such as research, exploration, development, experimentation and evaluation in the creation of artworks. In-depth studio time enables students to explore and practise using more varied media ranging from dry medium like colour pencil to wet medium like acrylic paint, to create quality artworks.

The Upper Secondary Art curriculum also enables students to be exposed to the studying of techniques and styles of artists, including modern and contemporary artists via the application of Feldman’s approach in the study of visual art. With these artistic skills and knowledge, students are able to generate ideas more effectively and are better prepared for the rigour of the ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level Art examinations.

Authentic Learning beyond the Curriculum

Enrichment lessons are also organised to give students the opportunity to work with artists to learn techniques such as watercolour painting and 3-D animal mask making etc. Students are also encouraged to participate in Art competitions, such as the Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition and the MTC – Design for Good Youth Competition, to further develop and enhance their interest in and exposure to Art.

Benefits of learning Art

Students will learn observational skills that will develop their visual awareness and heighten their sensitivities. Through research and exploration, students will learn how to express and communicate their thoughts, experiences and feelings in visual form. These encourage the imagination and the generation of ideas. Students will also learn to evaluate and appreciate artworks made by themselves and other artists.

In particular, the applied learning skills like collaboration, research, creativity, inquiry skills and building self-awareness etc. will transcend the subject and are useful and applicable life skills. These skills acquired in learning Art will also aid students in their post-secondary education.



1) 2020 MTC – Design for Good Youth Competition

Woo Jiaxin - Winner

                                                              Woo Jiaxin – Winner


2) 2021 National Kidney Foundation Sticker Design

Slide2Yrauda Katrina Gaille Cuarez - People's Choice Award

                   Yrauda Katrina Gaille Cuarez – People’s Choice Award



2021 Yellowren Inter-school Canvas Art Competition (Students at Work)

Theme: Redemption: Environment | Technology | Society

               Theme: Redemption: Environment | Technology | Society


2021 NEA Design-A-Table Activity (Students at Work)



2021 NEA Design-A-Table Activity – Final Work


2021 Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition


                                        Park Yoonsung & Goh Jun Hong Bryan



                                                                            Vera Tang Hui En & Renise Soo Renhui



2021 Public Transport Workers’ Appreciation Colouring Contest – Shortlisted entries


                             Neo Ming Hui & Chang Kai Le


                                                                                             Vera Tang Hui En