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Our school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP)—‘Researching Society through Media Literacy’ (RSML) aims to nurture our students to become “Critical Thinkers, Thoughtful leaders”. It hopes to deepen our students’ 21st Century Competencies through a focus on metacognition understanding using various thinking routines, drawing on the creativity of the students to benefit the society through the use of Design-Thinking process. 

Through this programme, students will research on their community within school or beyond to solve a real life context problem. The research process is being facilitated in different academic disciplines (such as Humanities, Math, Science, English, Art, Design & Technology, Mother Tongue Language) to bring about authentic learning experiences for them.  

In this learning process, they will develop skills such as critically thinking, reasoning, analysis and media literacy skills, which are vital for the future. When carrying out their research, students have access to knowledge and perspectives on contemporary and complex societal issues which are pertinent to Singapore. With informed minds, they then make better decisions and develop innovative solutions to improve the community effected through use of varied technologies. In due course, SGSians will grow in confidence as self-directed learners and active contributors to the society.