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“Providing a quality Aesthetics programme through purposeful engagement, therein promoting and sustaining the performance and well-being of SGSians.”

Key Department Programme

 In order to enhance the arts culture in SGS, various platforms for the arts are put in place for students’ engagement and performance. Such opportunities exist both in the curriculum as well as outside of it. The department strongly believes in engaging our students in meaningful music- and art-making.

In the music curriculum for the lower secondary level, students are exposed to instrumental skills such as ukulele, keyboard and cajon playing. Students are also encouraged to explore musical creativity through song-writing modules. In this comprehensive 2-year music programme, students develop the ability for creative expression and communication, develop an awareness of music in local and global cultures, and acquire a basis for an informed and life-long involvement in music.

1E4 Music Performance

Music Learning Journeys include visits to iconic concert halls such as the Esplanade, Singapore Conference Hall and Victoria Concert Hall. Students are exposed to different genres of music to increase awareness.

Band Outing to Esplanade Band Outing to Esplanade (2)

SGS Art Unit aims to instil in our students the love for visual arts through the development of artistic skills of observation, creative expression and appreciation through the lower and upper secondary art curriculum.

Lower secondary students take on the role as ‘Art Explorers’ to have hands on experience using different dry and wet art mediums. Students are also guided to extent their ideas through creative techniques to create their art works. Specialized curriculum are designed for the various streams to cater to the needs of their learning such as task and project based assignments.

Students also take on the ownership to evaluate both their peers and their works through the use of the strategy “Criteria of Success” in their key art assignments.  In addition lower secondary students can also look forward to learning journeys at the Singapore Art Museum for experiential learning via “lived” artworks.

Art-Visit to Singapore Art Museum Art-SAM Exhibition Utopia 2015

In the upper secondary curriculum, emphasis is placed in both skills and thought processes such as research, exploration, development, experimentation and evaluation in the creation of artworks. In-depth studio time enables students to explore and practice using more varied mediums ranging from charcoal to watercolour and print-making to create quality artworks.

Upper secondary art curriculum also enables students to be exposed to the studying of multiple international old art master artists, modern and contemporary artists via the application of Feldman’s approach in the study of visual art. With these artistic skills and knowledge, students are able to generate ideas more effectively and are well-prepared to for rigour of the National N & O Level Art examinations.

Various learning journeys to the art suppliers, art galleries, artist studios, art exhibitions and museums as well as art tertiary institutions (NAFA & Lasalle) are interjected during the 2 year course. Such opportunities enable art students to have a macro exposure and understanding of the art scene in Singapore.

Art-Centre of Contemporary Art 2014 Art-Singapore Tyler Print Institute 2015

Visit to Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA) 2014 and Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) 2015


Yearly Art Exhibition at Ang Mo Kio Library for Graduating Students
For the past 3 years, SGS art unit has collaborated with Ang Mo Kio library to curate and put up a mini exhibition of past year graduating students’ artwork for a month. This year’s curation encircle around the theme of “Narratives in Motion – Stories by our students, artfully told”.


Selected work for 2015 “Toys from the Future” Trexi Design Online Showcase
Tan Xiu Ting, ‘Clean & Green’, Trexi design with acylic and coloured papers.

Selected work for 2014 SYF “I” in Artist at Lasalle

Zoe Lim Jie Yi, “Silent Escape”, 2014, etching on acrylic with wooden frame.

2013 Extravaganza, INK! Honorable Mention Individual:
Art Jacquline A Dorico
“Stars” by Jacquiline A Dorico Promentilla

2012 SYF Bronze Catergory B –
Tian Kai Man, “The Climb”, 2011, printmaking.
2012 National Day Souveir Design Comeption organised by Singaproe Poly Design School.

Awared one of the 4th to 10th prize:

Art NDSD2012