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As the newly-appointed 13th Principal of Serangoon Garden Secondary School (SGS), I am excited to be part of the SGSian family.

SGS has a long and proud tradition in nurturing youths from varied backgrounds to unearth their potential and develop in them a passion for life. Over the years, the school has also undergone various phases of transformation and growth, and I am grateful for the strong foundations laid. Together with my staff, we will continue to work with all our stakeholders to bring SGS to greater heights.

A school, according to John Dewey, a great American educationist and philosopher, is a social institution that plays a critical role in socialising young adults to the norms of the society for work and gracious living. In SGS, experimentation and active participation are key ingredients that we have put into this socialising process, undergirded by quality relationships. Through sparking curiosity, coupled with a tinge of entrepreneurial dare, the learning experiences at SGS will enable our students to develop an inquisitive mind to explore beyond the boundaries of the classrooms, while nurturing in them a passion for championing excellence and quality in life. Beyond that, the evident strong caring culture amongst our staff and students will continue to strengthen our resilience to strive towards our goals and persevere through challenges together, propelling us forward as a SGSian family.

As the Principal, my wish for SGSians as Critical Thinkers and Thoughtful Leaders is to be led by the heart to care for others, to contribute meaningfully to the community. In doing so, they will remain guided by our PRIDE values – Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diligence, and Empathy. Therefore, Thoughtful Leadership must first begin at home and in school where we care for one another with respect, empathy, kindness and compassion, before we apply and extend our knowledge as Critical Thinkers to make our society a better place.

I look forward to working in close partnership with all stakeholders to achieve this for our students.

Yours in Partnership,

Mdm Valerie Goh