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The BOOK symbolises the school’s aim to enable our pupils to achieve the highest level of academic achievement, which they are capable of.

The WHEELS represent the hope that our pupils will be able, in the course of their studies in this school, to learn the diverse inter-related skills for lifelong learning to stay relevant in the face of constant change.

The TORCH symbolises the bright future that our our pupils can overlook forward to if they work hard and strive to do their best.

The BIRD represents the “Seranggong” – a bird which is said to have been peculiar to the area in which our school is located. Thus, it indicates that our school is situated in the Serangoon district.

Our School Song

Go forth! Our Blazing torch uphold
With friendships true and hearts of gold.
Let’s learn with grace and serve with pride.
Let faith and wisdom be our guide.

Nor creed nor race, both young and old
United in our motto bold –
With diligence and integrity,
We’ll shine our light for all to see.
Forge on with all our zeal and might:
Serangoon Garden flame, burn bright!