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Youth Humanities Forum 2012

Youth Humanities Forum 2012

The 2nd Youth Humanities Forum 2012 was held at Mayflower Secondary School in March 2012. A total of 8 schools in the North Zone were invited to participate in this annual event. 8 students from class 4E1-1 were handpicked to represent SGS in this event.

On the day itself, after an opening address by the principal of the host school, participants were broken up into their specialized groups (each group consisting of a mixture of schools). Within each specialized group, participants came together to debate on the various topics on social media. Most of these topics touched on the boons and banes of using social media in today’s world.

From this event, given the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best participants from elite school, our students certainly managed to broaden their scope of knowledge about social media, as well as gain confidence in public speaking.

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