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Singapore Geospatial Challenge 2013

Singapore Geospatial Challenge 2013

The Singapore Geospatial Challenge 2013 was a scavenger hunt competition that allowed students to utilise geospatial technology in the real world. (Geospatial technology – technology that allows you to collect and process location information, e.g. used in Global Positioning Systems.)

Organised by the Singapore Land Authority, the Challenge was supported by the Ministry of Education and the United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management.

The Challenge is aimed at encouraging the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in schools.

The preliminary round was held on Wednesday, 17 July 2013 (4 – 6pm) at Fort Canning, where eight SGS teams participated and raced around the civic district to various checkpoints, while utilising geospatial technology to navigate and answer questions.

Three teams made it to the finals, held on Friday, 2 Aug 2013 (9 – 5pm) at the Asian Civilisations Museum. Each finalist team received certificates and $100 cash per team.

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